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for your business

We will help you translate your business requirements and visualise your internal flow in our software platform.

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Software platform
for collecting and
processing data

Let your users easily enter data to the system. Take advantage of the native mobile and tablet interface. Easily define your forms and rules for the data processing. Visualise your flow.

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Software as
hosted service

Have your data available any-time and anywhere. Optimize your hardware costs.

How It Works?

High standard of
data security and

Your applications are hosted in a premium data center. Define your specific data back-up rules.

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How it fits your business

Situation: Existing business process includes many manual steps

  • Automate the manual steps with FiftyForms platform

  • Minimize number of resources needed to run the process

  • Make the process more scalable

  • Grow your business

Situation: New business process will be implemented

  • Analyze the requirements with FiftyForms

  • Start with the basic functionality

  • Evaluate

  • Continue adding functions

  • Ensure the implementation covers business needs

  • Grow your business

Situation: Your existing software modules are not integrated and require manual data transfer

  • Analyse the existing systems

  • Build a new process integrating the existing systems

  • Eliminate the manual steps

  • Enable higher throughput of the system

  • Grow your business

Situation: Existing process is not suitable for new requirements and its enhancement would be to expensive

  • Evaluate the gaps in existing business process

  • Build a simple process covering the gaps with a low initial cost

  • Keep the service fee low by paying for what you really use

  • Add advanced functions you go

  • Optimize your business process and software costs

  • Grow your business

Why with FiftyForms

How does it work

Third party business intelligence and data processing systems. Data are exported in third party formats or industry standards.

Users enter the data from their smart phones immediately when they need it.

Cloud Application defines UI forms, server side data processing and exports.

Application in the cloud

Application data are available
from the central location.

FiftyForms team of consultants and analysts. Creates UI forms and business process per customer request.

Quick access to a visualised status of your business.

Master use of the application. Uses reports, data summary or raw data entered by the users.

Direct access for your employees or customers.

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